Mokomaze: extended levelpack

freerunner$ cd /usr/share/mokomaze/
freerunner$ rm main.levelpack.json
freerunner$ wget

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Levels count: 58
Latest update: 27 February 2010
Contains levels from original levelpack +

58)si_battle by dando
57)pong by dando
56)lost by dando
55)tetris_2 by dando
54)42 by dando
53)space_invaders by dando
52)fnord by dando
51)lemonlime_2 by dando
50)CCC_2 by dando
49)hard_life by redcloud
48)rotate airport by forces (modified)
47)unix by dando (modified)
46)Galton by dando (modified)
45)eddy by dando
44)SHR by dos
43)CCC by dando
42)lemonlime by dando
41)H1 by elhennig
40)H0 by elhennig
39)Pinball by darkh (modified)
38)hellhole by thomasg (modified)
37)Xaos_0.1 by Nad.Oby (modified)
36)Tux by ANT
35)Jingle Bell by Nad.Oby
34)palace by der
33)The Rorschach Maze by Yogiz
32)Tunnel of dead by Monkey
31)FirstTry by Djdas (modified)
30)Messy Slalom by  Nad.Oby (modified)
29)2 Ways by hax404 (modified)
28)Downstairs by dreadhead
27)left or right by TheXception
26)Mill by dreadhead
25)Try again by dos
24)mirrored by TheXception
23)Easy? by dreadhead
22)mazeoid I. by vanous
21)Holey crap! by dreadhead
20)ordered hard by TheXception
19)One way, or another. by dreadhead
18)be careful by TheXception
17)level 17
16)level 16
15)level 15
14)level 14
13)level 13
12)level 12
11)level 11
10)level 10
9)level 9
8)level 8
7)level 7
6)level 6
5)level 5
4)level 4
3)level 3
2)level 2
1)level 1